The Helping Foundation - helping people help others

We believe there are many good organisations run by committed, dedicated individuals supporting most areas of need. Rather than create another organisation and waste valuable personnel and administration expenses, we focus our efforts on identifying effective organisations and bring them to the attention of people who can help.

The Helping foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation that aims to:

  1. Connect people to organisations that fit their skill sets. Generally, these are people who want to help others, but don't know how to become connected, or haven’t the time to work out the best way to assist.
  2. Help people who have the capacity to help others to know the personal joy to be gained through volunteering their skills for the service of others.
  3. To help individuals identify legitimate charities that match their areas of personal interest.


The Helping Foundation is completely self-funded and does not accept donations into the Foundation. Any fundraising activities we engage in result in donations being given directly to the charitble organisation involved.


House Building for poor Cambodians


Micro Finance for poor Asians


Educating Children


Supporting Orphans