Dear Mike and Corinne,

Now that we are back on home soil, I would like to thank you both again on behalf of everyone at the West Coast Eagles for the immeasurable work you both did to ensure the unbridled success of the club’s personal development program and house-building mission to Cambodia on November 21-26, 2010.

A simple thank you doesn’t seem enough to convey the significance of the work you both undertook. Cambodia 2010 has had a profound and life-changing impact on the lives of hundreds of Cambodians and Australians alike that will last a life time, and without your help this would not have been possible. Your local relationships, wealth of knowledge about Cambodia and exceptional attention to detail were essential in ensuring the success of the trip.

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The Helping Foundation (together with iiNet, the West Coast Eagles and other contributors sourced by yourselves) raised generous funds for the building of twenty houses in Cambodia, and we would like to thank you for your significant fund-raising contribution.

You have helped the club fulfil our objective of making a difference in the world by providing life-saving shelter for 150 of the poorest people in the village of Tra Pang Saray, including 109 children. Not only that, but together we gave a sense of pride back to the people of Cambodia as they taught us vital skills of house-building and about having courage and faith in your ownability to overcome seemingly impossible situations.

Our young footballers came back to Perth as better men, enriched by the confronting education they encountered about poverty; by the knowledge that they had helped those less fortunate; from the bonding experience with each other and from the friendships they formed with the Cambodians, in particular the children of Sunshine House orphanage. This will stay with them forever and go a long way to helping our club return to on-field success.

We will be sending you a momento of this trip in the New Year, as a small token of our appreciation. Thank you both again and we look forward to working with you on similar projects in the future.

We wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.

Best Regards,

Peter Worsfold
Manager - Leadership and Professional Development
West Coast Eagles Football Club

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